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4 Great Tips for Utilizing Storage Units In the Winter

October 28, 2015

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Summer has once again come and gone leaving us with some much colder weather on the horizon. For those who have items in storage units, or planning on renting a safe and secure storage unit, winter means precautions must be taken to protect their belongings.

If you plan on taking advantage of the convenience of a storage unit this winter, make sure you pay attention to these five tips to protect your items!

Properly Prepare Clothes

Closets never seem to be large enough which is why seasonal clothes are often kept in storage units. As the cold weather sets in, you might be looking to take winter clothes out of storage and replace them with your summer clothes.

Preparing any articles of clothing will protect them from damaging mold and mildew. Make sure anything that is made of fabric is thoroughly cleaned and completely dry before placing it in a storage unit. Unscented cleaners will not attract pests, but be sure to store them in a sealed container to further defend them from unwanted visitors. Shoes should be stuffed with newspaper or a shoetree to help them maintain their shape, and don’t forget to place them in shoe bags!

Dry Summer Sporting Equipment

Some popular activities, such as water skiing, just are not built for the chill of winter. Any sporting equipment that is to be placed in a storage unit for the winter should be thoroughly and completely dried out to prevent mold growth.

After everything is squeaky clean and dry as a bone, you will always want to place sporting equipment in a bag or container. Never leave sports equipment in the open air where invasive pests can get to it. Water sporting equipment can be very expensive, so protect your investments!

Practice Proper Container Use

Whether you are using cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or rubber containers, you will absolutely want to make sure that everything is entirely sealed and prepared for cold weather.

Polystyrene packaging peanuts are fantastic for not just protecting your items in storage, but also for insulating them as well. They will last much longer than cornstarch based packaging peanuts and insulate your belongings more effectively.

Sealing a container is one of the most important steps you can take to protect what is inside. Once a container is sealed, silica gel packs can be placed inside to soak up any moister that might have snuck inside.

Take Out Electronics

Electronics do not fare well in cold environments, especially hose with solder joints. Rust can appear, casings can crack, and other damages can occur when electronics are stored in cold environments for long periods of time.

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