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5 Ways To Stay Organized and Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

June 20, 2016

Storage units are a great place to store your extra stuff! No room for your winter clothes during the summer? Get a storage unit. Downsizing and need a place to store some antique furniture? Get a storage unit. Got a bunch of documents you don’t want cluttering up your desk? Get a storage unit.

The problem is, over time, if storage units are not kept organized and tidy, things can get out of hand. That is why we have put together this list of things you should do to keep your storage unit organized.

1) Invest in Shelves and Containers

Just throwing stuff into your storage unit is the biggest mistake you can make and the easiest way to ensure you will never be able to find anything when you need it. Buy some shelves, ones with wheels on the bottom so they are portable would probably be best, and use them for things like books or put small boxes on them.

Additionally, no storage unit is complete without plastic bins. Storing clothes and bedding in these can prevent mildew, and storing stuff that would not normally be easily stackable can help reduce clutter in your unit effortlessly.

You should make sure you are only using one size of bins, two at most. This gives you the most lenience with how you organize the bins so the only thing you have to worry about is the weight of the bin – heavier bins should always be stored on the bottom.

2) Label Everything

When we say label everything, we literally mean everything – every box, every shelf, every area on the shelf. If you have something you use regularly that does not have a box or designated shelf, such as a bike, label a place on the floor or wall for it, so when you return it to the unit, you know exactly where it goes and do not just toss it somewhere to deal with later.

3) Maximize Your Space

If you are keeping something in your storage unit that you would use for storage in your home, such as an old dresser or workbench, why wouldn’t you use it for storage in your storage unit?

Don’t just let things take up space in your storage unit; take advantage of what you have. If you are low on space and there is room to store extra things in some of your furniture or appliances, use that space.

Of course, you should avoid storing certain things in them, such as clothes, to avoid damage from trapped moisture, but if you have items that will not be affected by the moisture, go for it!

When storing things in your furniture or appliances, such as a deep freezer, take into consideration how long that item will be in storage. If it is something you are only keeping there temporarily, it might not be worth it to put things in there because you will have to find a new home for them when you remove the item.

4) Ask for Help

The people who work at self-storage facilities are there to do more than answer the phone. They have experience being around storage units, and, chances are they will have some decent advice on how to properly store your items, what will fit and what you might want to find a place for at home. Take advantage of this resource, and ask them for their advice.

5) Make Sure You Have the Right Size Unit

None of these tips matter if you have more stuff than your unit can physically hold. Make sure you have a unit that can meet your needs. It is better to have too much space than not enough. If you plan on keeping your storage unit long term, you will probably fill it up at some point anyway.

This is where tip 4 can be especially helpful. Ask someone at the storage facilities what size they think you will need. Explain to them what you plan to store and for how long. They can help you come up with a plan that will work for you.

Get the Most Out of Your Unit

No one wants to deal with a storage unit that is impossible to find anything in. Following these tips are simple and effective ways to make sure you get the most out of your storage unit.

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