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How a Self-Storage Unit Can Help You Keep Your 2017 Resolutions

January 13, 2017

If we knew how many New Year’s resolutions are dropped each year, we might get depressed about ever making another one again. But we believe there’s no reason a resolution should ever be given up on. They just need encouragement from the unlikeliest of heroes: a self-storage unit. Can a storage unit really help? Well, it depends on what your resolution is. But here are 4 top resolutions people make every year along with an explanation of how renting a storage unit can help you along the way. 

Get in Shape

Probably the top resolution made every year is to get in shape. What stops us? Usually, the fact that we don’t feel like leaving the house. The gym is too “out of the way.” A storage unit helps make that excuse go away by allowing you to bring the gym right to your own home. If you have a room or a basement that does nothing but store things, move all that stuff out into a storage unit and move the gym equipment into your home. See if your “out of the way” excuse works now!

Get Organized

When life happens, messes happen too. And there just isn’t ever enough time to get and stay organized. A storage unit can help you by providing a place for all your clutter to go. One of the main hindrances to organization is too much stuff for too little space. So say goodbye to junk piles and junk drawers and scary closets that you have to throw your body against in order to close. It’s time to send all that stuff that you’re “definitely going to use again” into a storage unit where it can at least stay out of your way. 

Seriously Pursue Your Hobby

If your hobby is reading, a storage unit may not do you any good, unless it’s to store all your books. But for other hobbies that require lots of supplies such as painting, scrapbooking, or jewelry/craft making, a storage unit can come in handy to avoid having your hobby take over your home. Especially if you can find a way to monetize your hobby, you’ll likely be producing way more things than your home can handle. 

Live Life and Explore

Whether you are in your early 20s or late 50s, many people make a resolution every year that they are going to live life to the fullest. They decide they are going to abandon their job or their life at home and go explore the world. Unless you intend to keep paying rent on an apartment for months while you’re away, you may want to consider packing your things into a storage unit to allow you to travel lightly—the best idea when traveling the world. 

Maybe a storage unit can’t help you with every resolution, but if you ever find yourself thinking, “Oh, if I only had the space,” a storage unit is probably your answer.