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How To Store Your Important Documents In a Storage Unit

August 5, 2015

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Throughout your life, you will accrue some very important documents that you absolutely do not want to get lost or damaged. Birth certificates, deeds, diplomas and more are all very important documents that should only be stored with the highest level of safety and security in mind.

Whether you are moving or just need a safe and secure place to store your irreplaceable documents, a safe storage unit at U-Lock-It Storage is the perfect solution!

Pay attention to these tips when storing important documents and papers in a storage unit:

Choose the Right Storage Unit

Paper, especially as it ages, can be a very fragile material that is vulnerable to heat and moisture. Climate controlled storage units are the best for storing paper documents because it eliminates the threat of extremely high temperatures.

Maintaining a constant and safe temperature is crucial to properly storing documents and climate controlled storage units are definitely up to the task. As well as keeping the temperature in check, climate controlled storage units also keep moisture levels low, reducing the risk of mold damage. Humidity and moisture control are a fantastic first line of defense for your documents!

Protect Your Documents

Now that you have a safe environment for your important forms to be stored, you should know how to store them as to lower any possible risk of damage.

Start by finding an appropriately sized and sturdy box to hold your documents. This box should be large enough to allow everything to fit inside without needing to be folded.

The next step is to find a folder or other type of packaging to store the documents in. Vacuum-sealed or airtight packaging is a great option, as it will keep out air and virtually eliminate the threat of mold. While airtight options can be more expensive than plain folders or files, they will be much more effective at retaining all ink marks on your forms and preserving the legibility of the documents.

Proper Storage Techniques

Once you have filled the boxes with your protected documents, it is best to raise them off the ground however possible – wood pallets, tarps, or cardboard will do the trick.

Stacking boxes of documents on top of each other is only appropriate if the boxes are sturdy enough to hold up the weight of the other boxes – a box filled with pages and pages of paper can get very heavy!

Label each box accurately and record the date that they went into storage. Older documents that you might not need access to in the near future should be stored on the bottom of stacks or towards the back of the unit.

Document Storage Madison AL

If you are looking for a safe and secure location to store your invaluable documents, look no further than U-Lock-It Storage in Madison AL. Contact us today to learn about all of our storage options!