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Keeping Your Storage Unit Pest Free

June 20, 2016

One thing many people worry about when storing items in a storage unit is whether or not their things will be susceptible to insects and other annoying pests. While there is no way to guarantee a unit's complete protection, there are actions one can take to ensure that items stored will leave the unit in the same condition in which they entered — unphased by pests of any kind.

Package in the Right Ways

When packaging items for storage, be sure to protect them in the right way. Plastic bins are a great option when it comes to storing items - they’re water and rodent resistant. You can’t get much better than that. On top their protective benefits, bins are easily stackable, and if you decide to use transparent ones, unpacking will be that much more organized as you’re able to see what’s been placed inside. This makes plastic bins a storage units staple.

Say No to Storing Food

This might seem obvious, but it’s made this list nonetheless. Do not store food of any kind inside of your storage unit, even if it has sufficient packaging. Don’t make the assumption that it will be okay against the tenacity of insects, rodents, arachnids, and whatever else tends to lurk around. Pests are especially susceptible to smells and will be drawn right to them, which brings us to…  

Banish The Odors

You shouldn’t store anything that is scented. This goes for food, as was mentioned above, but many other scented items have the potential to attract unwanted pests. Candles, potpourri, holiday decorations, and anything else with a strong odor has the potential to draw in pests.

Cover Your Furniture

If you’re storing large pieces of furniture, be sure that they’re clean and devoid of crumbs. Cover up furniture with plastic before storing it in a unit. If critters do happen to make it into your unit, there will be a barrier between them and the furniture you’ve stored.

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