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Storage Tips: Properly Storing a Boat

September 2, 2015

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Those who are lucky enough to own a boat are already familiar with all the benefits that come with it – from hours of fun water sporting to thrilling fishing adventures. A boat is a great way to bring friends and family together while truly getting the most out of the amazing summer weather.

But what happens when the cold winds of winter start to arrive? You need a safe place to keep your boat for the icy months when taking it out for a cruise is no longer an option.

Where you store your boat depends on a few factors such as location and available space. Let’s take a look at the three best ways to store your boat when it’s time to head inside:

Keep It At Your House

If you have a large enough driveway or ample space in your backyard, keeping your boat at your home is a completely viable option. Other than abundant space, you will also need a trailer and a boat cover to properly store your boat at home.

The trailer is necessary for transporting your boat from your home to the water, but it also required for storage because it raises your boat off the cold ground.

A boat cover is needed for any storage situation, especially if you do not have a covered area to store your boat. The cover will keep both the elements and unwanted pests and animals from getting into your boat and damaging the interior or any electrical components as well.

Store Your Boat at A Marina

A marina is a great place to keep a boat, if you happen to find yourself close enough to one. Your boat can stay there year-round and will always be ready to go whenever you decided its time for some fun in the sun.

One major drawback of owning a boat slip is the cost. Marinas are a bit of a community and will often feature a restaurant and other activities. They serve as the hub for other boat owners to get together and have parties or other types of gatherings.

If you are not on board with paying the higher cost for the community aspect of a marina, then it might not be the best option for you.

Try a Storage Facility

Oftentimes storage facilities located in areas close to water sources will have certain storage areas capable of housing boats. This is a great option for those who have limited space at their home and also don’t want to pay the frivolous costs of a boat slip in a marina.

Storage facilities, like U-Lock-It Storage in Madison, Alabama, are equipped with cutting edge security features to keep your boat safe but also readily available whenever you need it.

If you are keeping your boat in an outdoor storage area, you should take the same precautions you would take if you were keeping your boat at your home.

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