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Storage Unit Size: Going Beyond “Small, Medium, and Large”

February 4, 2016

While you can’t afford to be picky when it comes to the shape of your storage unit, (would you like a cube, or… whatever the technical term is for a “rectangular cube”?) you do in fact have a number of options when it comes to storage unit sizing. Storage unit sizing goes beyond that of the standard small, medium, and large you encounter when ordering a cup of coffee or shopping for clothing.     

Today, storage unit facilities offer unique tools to aid in the decision-making process. While choosing a storage unit can initially feel overwhelming, due in part to all of the options, the process has been made much easier with an online storage unit calculator.

Storage Unit Calculators

Many storage unit facilities offer online calculators. These enable you to choose the items you’d like to store in order to estimate the ideal unit size for your belongings. For example, an individual could select a bed and it’s size, pieces of furniture (with the option to indicate multiples), and miscellaneous items ranging from an upright piano to a pair of skis. The calculator will virtually place the items chosen in a unit of the ideal size and let you know how much space is still available for other belongings.  

A storage unit calculator makes the task of choosing a unit easier than ever and removes the guesswork when it comes to determining the amount of space you’ll actually need. You won’t be left with items that don’t fit, or on the other hand, a large amount of unused square footage when you could have gone smaller.

Options for Your Storage Needs

On top of varying unit sizes, there are different types of units. Dry, climate controlled, open-air, office space, warehouse, and you name it — all are options that come in a variety of sizes at U-Lock-It Storage.

Storage facilities that provide options understand that when it comes to storage, no two person’s needs are exactly alike. Whether you’re packing to move or putting seasonal items away for a part of the year, there’s a unit that’s the right size and unit type for you.   

Storage in Madison, AL

From a unit the size of a closet to one with the capacity to hold the contents of a three to four bedroom home, U-Lock-It Storage in Madison, AL can be your storage solution. Use the online calculator to  Contact us today.