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Climate Controlled Storage Explained

U-Lock-It Storage offers multiple types of storage units: dry storage, open air storage, regular storage units, and climate controlled storage. Obviously, each has their own purpose. Otherwise, we would only have one type. Here’s what our climate controlled storage units do and what people typically need them for.

Control Temperature and Humidity

A climate controlled storage unit is different from a temperature controlled unit. A climate controlled storage unit controls both the temperature and humidity of the unit. They regulate the air with a high-quality HVAC system, dehumidifier, thermostat, and insulation. While AC can lower the humidity faster, a dehumidifier works better over time and is more energy efficient. Together, they work to keep the right amount of moisture in the air to protect your belongings.

What Might You Store in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

  • Artwork- paintings and drawings can shrink and expand in the wrong temperatures and be threatened by mold with too much moisture in the air. 
  • Delicate Fabric- can grow mildew in high humidity and should be stored clean with acid-free tissue paper
  • Paper Items/Books-high temperatures can cause the pages to yellow 
  • Electronics- corrode in humidity
  • Wine- needs a 55 degree F environment with around 50 to 80% humidity to age properly
  • Wood/Instruments- wood will contract and expand with temperature changes and mold or rot with high humidity
  • Metal- rust or turn color with moisture 
  • CDs, DVDs, Records, and Video Games- high temperatures can warp them 

What Do Our Climate Controlled Storage Units Include?

  • Lit access
  • Ceilings higher than 8 feet
  • 5 foot wide units have 4-foot wide swing doors
  • 10 foot wide units have 8-foot wide roll-up doors
  • 20 foot and 30-foot long units have one or two 8′ wide roll-up doors.
  • Gate hours: 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Sound Like Something You Need?

U-Lock-It has a variety of climate-controlled storage units available for lease. These units are housed in temperature-controlled buildings and provide some key advantages over dry storage. Customers accessing their climate-controlled storage unit will do so in a heated and cooled building that will keep them out of the elements when mother nature is not cooperating. We have cameras monitoring the halls of an already secure facility, giving you piece of mind that your belongings are safe. Please use our storage calculator to determine which unit best fits your needs.